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The Balinese philosophy of life, called "Tri Hita Karana"

The Conducive environment in Bali is supported by the Balinese philosophy of life, called "Tri Hita Karana". Tri Hita Karana dictates that happines can only be achieved if there are hamonious relationship between human and Gods; between human and their community; and between human and nature (its surronding). This philosophy has become a way of life among the Balinese, and is practiced in their daily life.

Bali has such a mild and agreeable climate the wholeYear round, with average temperature of the day in coastal areas varies from about 28C (82F) during May-July to abut 30C (86F) in March-October, while the most pleasant weather is between May-September.

Many nicknames have been given to this small island, such as : island of Thousand Temples, Morning of the World, Paradise Island, Island of Gods and many others. The latest nickname that has been given during the 51"PATA Annual" Conference 2002 in India for Bali is "The island of Peace"

Activity : Golf, Horseback, Kart, Bikes, White water rafting, Snorkeling, Fishing, Boating, Surfing, Wind surfing, Parasailing, Diving, Adventures, Paragliding, Parasailing, etc.


Batu Bolong Beach - Located 9 km from downtown Mataram, this beach has a huge rock with a hole in it. It is an ideal place which to see the majestic sunset from Lombok Strait. After sunbathing, relaxing and frolicking on this beautiful beach-front, try to stay till the end of the day to watch one of the most stunning sunsets you have ever seen when the sun slowly begins to disappear behind Mount Agung with incredibly flaming colors. A Hindu temple lies on top facing the Lombok Strait and beyond is the contour of majestic Mount Agung of Bali. Colorful and musical religious ceremonies are often held in this beautiful temple.

Batu Nampar The Traditional Villages - From Kuta we can go to Batu Nampar via Sengkol, Mujur and Ganti. Shortly after the turn of Ganti to Batu Nampar we will find the big village of Batu Rintang. Here are only traditional houses and rice sheds. Only few tourists come here; the residents are very interested in the habits of foreigners. The village across the road has the little friendly name Mata Mailing, 'thieves eye'. In several parts of Central- and South-Lombok thieves are admired as long as they steal from other villages (often cattle) and share the profit. Stealing dates back from the time that there often was hunger. Smart cattle thieves were proud of their title 'master thief'. Outside of Batu Nampar are big salt planes and in the bay are the familiar seaweed platforms. Buginese and Mandarese migrants, who rather use the pillar-houses from their homeland, are more usual than the traditional Sasak housing. Some of these houses have beautiful colored, geometrical motives on the walls. In Batu Nampar we can rend a boat to the other side of the bay, to Ekas village. The trip takes about one hour.

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