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Television Services

Documentary - TV Show - Reality Show - Etc.

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Bali Film Support Services

The gateway to filming in Indonesia Archipelago

Production Film Company Services

Bali Satria Film

Especially to assist foreigners and international filmmakers and photographers who choose Bali and the surrounding islands of Indonesian to be the place for film shooting

Our experience in the field of film industry brought our clients to reach their successfully complete productions of feature films big screen movie, television news, television series, television show, commercials, documentaries, music videos, advertising, commercial photography, event documentation, etc.


Bali Film Production Company Support Services invite an International Production company to film on Bali and all around the Indonesian Archipelago.

Production Film Support Services

We are happy to assist you in filming in Bali and all around Indonesia's Archipelagos

Proffesional Team


Legal Company

Filming in Bali Indonesia

Our Support is a full production film services company experiencing numerous international productions throughout Indonesian Archipelago for Australian, Canadian, European, American, Indian, Asian, African, etc.